Financial Aid

KTC Scholarship

  • Applicable to all KTC programs.
  • Terms and conditions applied.
  • Scholarship is subject to approval by KTC Management.
No. of As SPM / O Level UEC STPM / A Level
2A 15% 15%
3A 15% 20% 20%
4A 20% 25% 25%
5A 25% 30% 30%
6A and above 30%

Other Financial Aids

Young Professional Development Scheme
Offered to select students through the work study scheme. Applicable for selected programs. Applicable for select programs. Applicable for select programs.
  • No tuition fee with basic salary given for job.
  • Professional training in accounting / auditing / tax services.
  • Academic training to become tutors.
  • Subject to approval by KTC Management.

  • Malaysian citizen, aged 45 years and below.
  • Applicable for MQA approved / accredited programs with course duration of 1 year & more.
  • Have no other sponsors for the program.
  • e-Pengeluaran for Education Withdrawal can be done by student or student’s parents.
  • Students can attend professional training courses with their course fee covered by their employer.

Scholarship Application Form

Subjects and Grades

Please upload your result slip
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Or, specify the subjects you have taken and the grades you have scored.
(Example : Malay - A+, English - A, Chinese - A)